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An introduction to WyeTec including company information, history, contact and location details

Custom Software Development

Specialised industrial custom software specification, design, development and systems integration

Whatever your application, working with a technically competent software development team with commercial insight, relevant expert knowledge and a realistic and objective approach is essential in ensuring the success of your project.

WyeTec specialise in developing X-ray imaging software, machine vision, non-destructive testing (NDT) and imaging software and have particular expertise in developing custom software and systems integration utilising Matrox imaging libraries and Windows XP embedded / Windows Embedded Standard applications.

Advanced imaging technology and x-ray imaging applications

WyeTec's machine vision and X-ray expertise is coupled with a strong knowledge of the latest Microsoft development platforms, SQL server and business system design - providing our customers with a complete software development service that embraces all aspects of a project life-cycle.

The technologies we use to give you the results you need

We have many years of experience of working with key industry technologies and in particular are skilled at working with Microsoft® ASP.Net, Microsoft® Windows Embedded (WyeTec is a Microsoft® Windows Embedded partner), Matrox Imaging Libraries, Microsoft® SQL Server, Microsoft® Visual Studio, Windows Server, and Sitefinity CMS amongst others.

Successful software development projects

Examples of projects we have undertaken include: designing and developing an application using high-speed video capture for X-ray ; design and development of a Windows Embedded-based security X-ray imaging system; producing highly specialised product simulation software for a large pharmaceutical company to enable virtual testing of a new medical diagnostics product; development and implementation of corporate level web sites using content management systems from Sitefinity and Ektron; design and creation of an on-line industry magazine using the Sitefinity CMS; bespoke development of specialised client server applications for the plastic card industry; desktop client-server applications for financial services clients and custom-built web-based business systems.

A number of these projects are showcased in our portfolio page which you are invited to take a closer look at.

Working with you to achieve your goals

We create and nurture strong working partnerships with both new and established companies to continually develop and deliver innovative technology and assist in bringing to market the most up-to-date and technically advanced products for applications such as security screening, industrial non-destructive testing, microscopy and machine vision applications.

By understanding your project objectives - the functionality you require, who needs to interact with it, and how - we are able to select the technology that will give you the best balance of performance, cost, and delivery timescales. When you work with WyeTec you can be confident that our specialist technical know-how will complement your own, giving you quality results within realistic timescales.

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