Custom software applications

There are many reasons to commission a custom software application – from development of a new product, to control of industrial machinery, automating repetitive "office" tasks or putting in place bespoke systems that make your business run smoothly.

Whatever your business requirements, the initial focus of any new software development project should always be the functionality that's required, and how the user (or machine) is to interact with it. At WyeTec we will always have an open, objective approach. We'll listen to your requirements, advise where approriate, and ensure the desired end result is achieved.

Whether it's a CRM system, a stock control system, a sales/order system, or production management system, WyeTec can develop custom software tailored to your business practices. We can assist with an analysis of the business processes to be managed, the data that needs to be captured or manipulated, reporting requirements and systems integration. This can be coupled with identification of the number of and physical geography of the users, security requirements, and any other details that might affect the overall system design.

Business Systems and database projects

Business systems exist to ensure that the flow of data through your enterprise is structured, reliable, and representative of your business practices. At the heart of most business systems is a database – the design of which can be critical to the success of your project, and your business.

Typically exploiting the Microsoft .NET rapid software development environment, WyeTec developers can produce feature-rich applications using back-end databases such as Microsoft SQL server. Applications requiring remote working can be facilitated using web-based portals or secure client-server systems.

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