Legacy application / .Net migration

Over the years, computing has changed enormously. As the likes of Microsoft drop support for older operating systems, and as hardware manufacturers replace existing products with new ones, systems developed on older platforms gradually become more difficult, and more expensive, to maintain. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there iare numerous business-critical systems still operating in the field that, were they to fail, would be extremely difficult to repair.

With over 25 years programming experience, there is a strong likelihood that our developers have used the very tools these now-legacy systems were built with – Borland C++, Visual Studio 6, Windows 3.1 or NT – which makes them extremely well placed to migrate them onto the latest versions of the Microsoft .NET platform. It may be that a "faithful" translation will give your legacy application a new lease of life, enabling it to be supported and maintained for years to come. Or maybe it’s not just the technical side of your legacy application needs updating, but also that your business needs have grown or changed, and that new or revised functionality is required also.

Either way, WyeTec is here to work with you and help provide continuity.

Application migration

Today’s software development platforms (e.g. Microsoft .Net / VS2022) are significantly different from those of the Visual Studio 6/Borland C++ 6 era, and there are no off-the-shelf tools that perform automatic code migration adequately. The migration/updating of legacy applications can be a difficult task, and needs planning beyond simply recoding an application in the newer language. There may well be other important opportunities to consider, for example:

  • Supporting 64bit operating systems
  • Upgrading a backend database
  • Upgrading client-server systems
  • Porting to Intranet or web application
  • Changing development language
  • Changing database access methods
  • Upgrading or replacing unsupported hardware

Recoding your legacy applications

You may or may not have the original source code for your application. Either way, WyeTec can take existing code or a legacy application and build a new one based on the chosen new platform - either by analysis and recoding of the original source, by reverse engineering, or by analysis and recreation of the application functionality.

If you are considering a migration project, then contact us for an informal discussion. We will need to see the legacy application, any existing source code/hardware so we can do an initial assessment of the project scope. You'll find our staff friendly and knowledgeable and willing to answer your questions.

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