X-ray imaging for security, inspection and NDT

X-ray technology has a special place within the Non Destructive Test (NDT), security and test and measurement sectors. The unique ability of being able to see inside objects without opening or damaging them has countless applications. X-ray imaging is WyeTec’s particular specialism; over the years we have imaged items as small as microchips, as light as seeds, and as large as entire vehicles.

What's in an X-ray system?

An X-ray inspection comprises two key hardware components – an X-ray source, and a detector. Almost without exception, these are coupled together with some form of safety/control system and image capture, control & processing software. There are numerous designs of both X-ray source and detector; WyeTec engineers have extensive experience in this field and can select and integrate components suitable to your application and budget.

WyeTec’s software development and systems integration skills can then bring together those key components to produce an X-ray imaging system tailored to your needs.

X-Ray sources:

X-ray sources come in many guises. The correct source for your application will depend on the items you wish to image – how large they are, how dense they are, and the size and type of feature you wish to identify. As independent systems integrators, WyeTec can work with X-ray sources from a wide range of manufacturers, ensuring performance is tuned to the task in hand. Our experience includes use of:

  • low power sources for light materials
  • portable sources for mobile security and NDT applications
  • X-ray monoblocks for cost-effective and continuous use – security/food inspection
  • micro-focus and vacuum-demountable sources for precision work
  • high-power X-ray tubes for dense materials – weld inspection, ordnance disposal

X-Ray detectors:

Detection of X-rays requires specialist devices that converts the X-rays into a visible image, or machine-readable data. As with X-ray sources, there are numerous types of detector available, each with specific performance characteristics, and costs. WyeTec’s wide-ranging experience means we can source a detector appropriate for your X-ray imaging task, such as:

  • Scintillator & CCD/CMOS camera base systems - for area-scan acquisition
  • Flat panel detectors - for film replacement and real-time X-ray
  • Single energy line-scan devices – for moving subjects or long items
  • Dual energy line-scan devices – for materials discrimination tasks
  • Photon-counting devices – for enhanced materials recognition

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