Machine Vision and Computer Imaging

Machine vision is well established as a vital technology in production lines, inspection systems, security applications and much more. Vision systems can complete complex analysis tasks extremely quickly, such as counting, detecting defects, grading products or identifying contaminants. They can also be used to reduce operator fatigue or assist operators in manual inspection tasks.

WyeTec engineers can work with you to produce a vision system suited to your project, covering all aspects of the Machine Vision solution, including the optimum lighting design, the selection and control of specialist cameras and, of course, the back-end software to provide the information that your project requires. In some cases this may be simple acceptance or rejection of an item, based on some pre-defined criteria; but in others quantitative measurements may need to be made and fed back to the production equipment to perform a process control function.

Control software can also be written to interface with mechanical handling systems, to store results in a system database, or output data to a Management Information System (MIS).

Cameras, lenses & Frame-grabbers:

As independent systems integrators, WyeTec are not tied to any one manufacturer’s range of products. We can help select components that deliver the right cost-performance balance for your project. With experience of most of the major camera interfaces - from traditional PAL & NTSC, to gigE Vision & USB3 Vision to CameraLink, LVDS and specialist optical frame-grabbers - WyeTec will ensure the right camera and lens combination is selected for your project.

Camera selection will consider factors such as resolution, speed, lighting, noise, triggering, whether the application is best suited to line-scan or area-scan devices and, of course, volume and cost. White-label (unmarked) or rebranded components can also be arranged with some manufacturers, making reverse engineering of your products by third parties more difficult.

Imaging Libraries / SDKs

For most projects with a machine vision component, using an industrial strength imaging library aids rapid development, especially for high performance applications and those with complex analysis tasks. WyeTec has worked with a number of professional imaging libraries, and can select tools appropriate for the job, and with a suitable licencing model that balances development and run-time costs.

For some imaging libraries, in particular the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) and OpenCV, WyeTec have a substantial library of proprietary code and techniques from which we can draw. Where possible, code re-use is a valuable way of reducing development times, and costs.

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