Systems Integration and Product Development

Systems integration is all about taking various discrete components, or sub-systems, and developing a larger coherent system that fulfils a technical, or business objective. By coupling these sub-systems together, perhaps via a software application or HMI, products can be designed that are capable of far more than the components in isolation.

In our world, the sub-systems are often diverse devices such as:

  • X-ray controllers
  • Imaging devices
  • Safety systems
  • i/o devices
  • PLCs
  • Motion controllers
  • Barcode / QR readers
  • MiFare / RFID readers
  • Fingerprint readers

Almost all of our X-ray imaging and machine vision projects involve some systems integration.

Bringing it all together:

The integration process is often about providing a software application, or suite of applications, that bring these components together to form a User Interface (UI / HMI) that allows control of the sub-systems. Image processing, analysis algorithms, data storage and reporting are frequently software features required.

Whether you already have hardware devices designed/selected that require integration, or whether you are starting from scratch and need assistance in choosing the right sub-systems, WyeTec engineers can help with your product design, be that initial prototyping and proof of concept, or adding the polish that makes it ready for market.

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