Project portfolio : vehicle screening

Working with a company well-versed in X-ray technology, WyeTec were commissioned to develop image capture and related software for a new vehicle screening system.

Additional resource when it's needed:

Our client already had a strong skills base in mechanical and electrical design, PLCs and X-ray safety, but required a systems integrator with a good knowledge of X-ray imaging to provide the end-user facing software, hardware control and back-end database systems to be able to complete their product development and bring their systems to market.

WyeTec were presented with a nominally-complete system design in terms of selected hardware, mechanics and electronics. Our brief was to develop the back-end software systems – image acquisition, control, archiving, etc – and user-facing software for image viewing and processing, CCTV streams and scan management.

Bringing it all together:

An important feature of the system is that scanning is largely autonomous, with images from the X-ray system, automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR) and CCTV data being queued via a Microsoft SQL server database.

Queued scans can then be inspected by remote operators, who can compare the scan with any previous data on the vehicle, and then tag the vehicle as clear or as containing suspect items. An audit trail is maintained of operator log-on periods and actions, and of the vehicles scanned.

After a series of successful field trials, the system is now in production.

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