Project portfolio : pipeline / weld inspection

Working with a UK supplier of X-ray inspection systems, WyeTec designed and delivered an upgrade to a weld inspection facility for a major UK manufacturer of large diameter steel pipes.

Upgrading obsolete components

Everything has a finite lifetime, and X-ray equipment is no exception. Weld inspection to ISO 17636 was an absolute requirement for our end user, so when their analogue x-ray imaging system started to near end-of-life, an upgrade was a must-have.

The end user wished to maintain a key feature of their original system – real-time x-ray inspection with dual operator views and video recording – whilst also realising the benefits that could be gained through digital imaging.

Detection and analysis:

The obvious choice was a flat panel x-ray detector; capable of delivering high resolution 16bit images at full frame rate, and a notably superior image. The image capture and control software featured software-based video recording, and a novel approach to providing dual operator views through a distributed network protocol. The improvement in image quality - both resolution and bit depth - proved to be a game-changer for the operators, making the identification of defects easier and more accurate, with less operator fatigue.

An additional macro feature allowed the user to store and recall calibration and imaging parameters for various product types. A series of specially-designed measurement tools allowed for verification of system performance and measurement of defect sizes.

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