Project portfolio : security screening

A significant part of WyeTec’s development work is with partners/clients in the X-ray security/screening sectors, for whom we have helped develop numerous products, including.

  • X-ray systems for post / mailroom screening
  • Conveyorised systems for baggage/postal screening
  • Inspection systems with materials recognition and Threat Image Projection (TIP)
  • Portable X-ray systems for emergency threat detection
  • Covert surveillance systems
  • X-ray systems for forensic / post-mortem screening

Each project and application has had its own particular requirements, with X-ray sources, detectors and ancillary hardware being selected that are appropriate for the project.

Tools for enhanced threat detection:

Security projects tend to have a common goal - to provide systems that allow for fast and accurate detection of possible threats or contraband. Our work has included development of algorithms for dual-energy based materials discrimination, with material classifications being highlighted with a colour overlay.

Threat Image Projection (TIP) systems have been developed to improve operator training and awareness. On a TIP enabled system, fictional threat images (FTIs) are randomly inserted in the displayed scan, and operator responses logged and reported upon. Identifying the bounds of the package and ensuring the FTI is projected convincingly is a key part of the image processing challenge.

Bringing it all together:

Projects have involved a wide variety of systems integration works - coupling the X-ray source and detector with other data acquisition systems, safety controllers and motion stages. Significantly, WyeTec have developed the software applications which present a holistic and intuitive user interface from which the machines are operated.

At WyeTec we are extremely proud of our track record in this field; X-ray security systems featuring software developed by WyeTec have been installed in approximately 90% of all countries worldwide.

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